Task leader: University of Barcelona
Principal Investigator: Arturo Rodríguez Morató

This WP is devoted to the analysis of the configuration of the values of culture.

It carries out a first analysis about how the values of culture in Europe are constructed aiming with the central goal to examine the influence of a series of circumstances and key factors in shaping these values.

Specific objectives of the WP 1

  • To make an extensive review of the research literature and existing data on the configuration of the values of culture;
  • To assess the influence of several key factors and circumstances in the configuration of the social values of culture: gender and rising diversity; urbanisation and social and spatial segregation in cities; globalisation and digitisation; neo-liberalism; and the European historical and political experience;
  • To synthesise the previous analysis in a global view about the factors configuring the values of culture in Europe.

The WP1 is focus on the analysis of two main factors and 5 main areas of work.


  • the historical experience: its analysis will allow to identify the role that culture has been able to play in the past in the production of central social values, such as social integration in the territory.
  • the trends of contemporary social changes which influences the generation or transformation of the societal value of culture (changes in the organization of diversity and in the spatial structuring of social life).


  • Gender and rising diversity
  • Urbanisation, spatial and social segregation
  • Globalization and digitization
  • Neo-liberalism
  • The European historical and political experience in relation with the promotion of cultural values