UNCHARTED Central Event in London

Goldsmiths, University of London
12-13 January 2023

The Central Event has been organised by the UNCHARTED team under the co-coordination of the Goldsmiths, University of London.

It took place on the 12th and 13th January 2023 and it involved the entire consortium, project advisory board members and other invited stakeholders.

The event included: 

  • a one-day public debate to present the findings of the project to a broader audience 
  • the second co-creation workshop of the UNCHARTED project

Click here for the Agenda and the Sessions of the event.

First day: Thursday, 12 January 2023 

Tensions in societal values of culture: can value conflicts be managed or mitigated?

You can download here the Symposium Schedule 

This one-day event comprises a sequence of debates centred on whether the value conflicts that surround culture can be negotiated by cultural practitioners, administrators, and policymakers. These discussions are envisioned as interactive reflections on the conceptual findings being produced by the EU-funded UNCHARTED project, which involves a consortium of researchers from across Europe. 

The programme of the day involves project partners, their teams, and a range of invited stakeholders, and is designed to encourage critique and reflection from cultural practitioners, policymakers, administrators, and researchers to enrich our understanding and analysis of core value conflicts in the production, administration, and consumption of culture. Such discussions are important as UNCHARTED moves towards the development of cultural policy recommendations for the European Union. 

The conference also includes a poster exhibition which showcases empirical findings from primary case studies undertaken by the nine partners. We will also launch the UNCHARTED work package devoted to co-creation with stakeholders, which builds upon the research undertaken over the last three years to develop better approaches to managing the processes of cultural valuation. 


Second day: Friday, 13 January 2023 

Central Consortium Workshop 

This consortium-wide workshop offers the UNCHARTED team an opportunity to reflect on our experience of the last three years and develop practical approaches for the next stage of the project.  The morning session focused on WP5, overseen by ELTE, exploring current findings and future actions associated with this work package. The focus has been on the practical aspects of WP5 to enable the production of robust, valuable deliverables. The discussion then turned to WP3, overseen by the University of Bologna. The late-morning session involved the presentation of conceptual learning and challenges that emerged from WP3. The early-afternoon session encouraged discussion of synthetic understandings emerging from the workshop and from the Central Event itself. The second afternoon session, managed by CNRS, looked at the soon to be launched WP4, instigating pragmatic discussions for how research teams develop WP4 deliverables. WP4 builds upon the collective experience of previous work packages, and thus this discussion has been crucial to the final stage of the UNCHARTED project. 


During the two days of the Central Event a poster session was opened to the public. 

The posters are published here in digital format.