Work Package Leader: ELTE
Principal Investigator: Gabor Sonkoly

The objective of WP5 is to validate the results of the research, in a number of concrete experiments and demonstrations carried out by citizens, professionals, administrator and policy makers, covering the four areas where the development of cultural values is studied in the project, namely:

  • Live arts
  • Media
  • Cultural production and heritage management
  • Cultural administration

Fields of experimentation

WP5 experiments on field a number of concrete cases extracted from the research conducted in WP2, WP3 and WP4.

The selection of the cases is conducted in consultation with the Advisory Board members who are also be invited to offer ideas on how to carry out the experiments and demonstrations.
WP5 includes: meetings with public administrators, experiments in museums, public assemblies with representatives of citizens’ interest groups, and other actions suggested by the experts participating in the workshops and by the members of the Advisory Board.
The final outcome of WP5 is the assessment report, identifying benefits and obstacles that are met by those organisations that aim to take the results of the project and to put them into action. 

A folded brochure is available, to illustrate how the demonstrations of WP5 contribute to the experimental and applied dimension of the UNCHARTED project. The brochure has been distributed to the participants in the UNCHARTED Central Event held in London in January 2023 and presented in the Poster Gallery of the event. Download PDF

The brochure presents the 3 axes where the development of cultural values is studied:

  • Cultural strategic planning
  • Culture-led urban regeneration
  • Cultural information systems

Completed deliverables from WP5

The partner responsible for this deliverable is the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

The deliverable is structured around the presentation of the axis-based selection criteria (Axis 1- Cultural strategic planningAxis 2- Culture-led urban regeneration, Axis 3-Cultural information system) , and the descriptions of the main cases and the comparative cases based on the templates and provides some preliminary overview on the cases and the upcoming activities for WP5.