The UNCHARTED Project is multidisciplinary to address a wide range of aspects and perspectives of the plural value of culture in different contexts and sectors.

Its consortium comprises 9 partners, 8 of them are acknowledged academic institutions and one is a SME successfully active for many years in the sector of cultural heritage communication.

The academic team brings together a plural group of social scientists from diverse European regions with a long academic career and a large experience in participating and leading European research projects. Their expertise covers a wide range of fields: economy, sociology, history, arts and cultural heritage management, urbanism, public cultural policies. This consortium has been established in order to assure a large range of perspectives for understanding and asses the plurality of value of culture in different contexts and sectors.

Partners comes from 7 EU Countries: Spain, Portugal, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Norway.

Paris 8 contributed to the work of WP1 during the first 10 months of the project. It ended its participation in the consortium by 30/11/2020. The experts involved in the initial part of the project continue to collaborate on a personal basis, as advisers of University of Barcelona.