The dissemination and communication task plays an important role in ensuring the visibility and maximising the impact of the project’s activities.

Dissemination is dedicated to share the progress and outcomes of UNCHARTED with key stakeholders and to prepare for the future exploitation of the results at the end of the EU funding period.

Policy briefs

A very important instrument for the project’s dissemination is constituted by three policy briefs that synthetize the research outcomes in short and focused messages targeting policy makers.

They are due: at the end of the first year, corresponding to the completion of WP1; by summer 2023 ,corresponding to the completion of WP2; and at the beginning of 2024, corresponding to the completion of the whole project:

The partner responsible for this deliverable is Promoter.

Society, culture and economy became intertwined in a complexity of values and roles. The following factors are proposed to policy makers as a basis for reflection on the development of policy lines that can contribute to a better awareness while shaping European, national and local cultural policies: 1) Gender equality in European societies matters; 2) Urban development and the social processes of gentrification, touristification and segregation have consequences on urban heritage preservation and on the society at large; 3) Globalisation and digitalisation have a strong influence on choosing future directions for cultural valuing; 4) Neoliberalism affected the cultural policy regimes of the thirty European Countries (the EU 27, plus Switzerland, Norway and the United Kingdom); 5) Historical and political experience in the last 20 years plays a relevant role in shaping cultural values in Europe today

  • D6.5 Second Policy Brief. Due by summer 2023
  • D6.7 Third Policy Brief. Due by January 2024

Communication is focused on establishing connections and dialogue with the audiences, through a range of communication channels that use online, digital and physical instruments.

Web presence

  • the UNCHARTED-culture.eu website that offers information about the project, its results, dissemination, concertation, events and much more.
  • the UNCHARTED blog, hosted by the digitalmeetsculture.net online magazine, that collects articles, events and initiatives in the field of Cultural Heritage (CH).
  • the UNCHARTED Facebook page.
  • the UNCHARTED Twitter page.
  • the UNCHARTED LinkedIn group.

Information material

During the project, a range of material is produced to inform and update the project’s audiences about its objectives and results, including: brochures, flyers, factsheet, general presentation, posters, roll-up, papers on scientific journals.

All the material available for public use can be found in the Download Area.