VAST Project

VAST stands for Values Across Space and Time and aims to study the transformation of moral values across space and time. An emphasis will be placed in those core European values considered fundamental for the formation of sustainable communities and enabling citizens to live well together, such as freedom, democracy, equality, tolerance, dialogue, human dignity, the rule of law and others. The project envisions to bring these European values to the forefront by using cutting edge technologies to create a digital platform and a knowledge base, which will include narratives from three areas: Theater (focusing on ancient Greek Drama), Science (focusing on Scientific Revolution and natural-philosophy documents of the 17th century) and Folklore (focusing on folktales/fairytales).

The VAST project is an international collaboration between eight partners from five countries: National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos (Greece), Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), Universidade NOVA de Lisboa – NOVA (Portugal)Fairytale Museum (Cyprus), Semantika (Slovenia), Museo Galileo (Italy) and Athens & Epidaurus Festival (Greece).

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