EUreka3D – European Union’s REKonstructed content in 3D

The EUreka3D project addresses the growing need of enabling the digital transformation of the Cultural Heritage sector. 

It is a 24 months project co-funded in the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union. 

The digital transformation comes from a decades-long process of digitization of cultural collections for the purpose of sharing this heritage online; however, not all Cultural Heritage Institutions have achieved the same level of maturity towards the new digital environment they need to embrace, and much work still needs to be done to keep the pace with fast improving technology and changing users needs.

Museums, galleries, libraries, archives and archaeological sites need to review and modernise, if not to create from scratch, their internal digital transformation processes, from digital capture to end-user access and re-use. They need to re-train their personnel to cope with the new digital responsibilities and roles; to review their infrastructure capacity, in particular with regard to the ability to process 3D contents; to generate a novel holistic documentation of the digital objects.

Info: info@eureka3d.eu