Citizen Heritage

Citizen Heritage – Citizen Science Practices in Cultural Heritage: towards a Sustainable Model in Higher Education

Citizen Heritage (2020-2023) is a Strategic Partnership project funded by the European Commission in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme aiming to provide Higher Education Institutions with novel approaches to include citizen science activities into Higher Education Institutions curricula, teaching and learning activities. Students and teachers can find a selection of good practices on how to benefit from knowledge circulation in and outside academia and how to adopt a more vibrant role in civil society. The digital realm, with the digitisation of vast collections published in open access, and the growing availability of tools for online engagement and interaction, opens up incredible new possibilities to stimulate further knowledge creation in cooperation with citizens.

Firstly, Citizen Heritage maps and critically assesses current participatory practices in cultural heritage; then, it develops a new methodology tested with different applications in a range of workshops. Citizen science in cultural heritage is demonstrated through the application of crowdsourcing and co-creation practices, where different types of communities are engaged with local and European cultural heritage contents. Eventually, lessons learnt are shared about the role of digital technologies in facilitating crowd science in cultural heritage and education.

The project includes three universities (KU Leuven, National Technical University of Athens and Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam), two Europeana aggregators (Photoconsortium and European Fashion Heritage Association) and one specialized SME (Web2Learn).



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